Simplifying IT to Accelerate Your Digital Transformation The success or failure of your digital transformation is directly related to its execution. We understand the Digital Transformation is not really a technology play, is about business outcomes. We will be working with you to select right solution and leverage new ways of pushing forward to reduce effort, shorten the time to outcome and increase results, accelerate your growth Innovative Solutions to reach your vision We build dynamic, unique custom software as well as bring-in innovative high-tech to give you an advantage over the competition Read More We plan and execute Digital Journey with you Let us help you discover the Journey to Go Digital in your Business. Our experienced team will walk with you from consulting, planning strategy, executing and manage your launched digital services Read More

About DigiEx Group

DigiEx Group is leading Innovation Technology Company based in Vietnam. Our innovative Digital solutions & services have added value to businesses worldwide including U.S., U.K, Australia, Japan, Korea & Singapore

We are specialized in providing custom tailored developmental software, digital products, Cloud Migration, Cloud Managed Service, Emerging Tech R&D as a service, as well as Digital Transformation Solutions. Our vision to become the world-class innovative digital solutions that pioneering into the emerging technology to accelerate digital transformation for global business


Our mission to build a TechHub and Digital Talents Ecosystems in Vietnam!

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Young innovative team with global experience

With more than 7 years of experience working with various professional global customers in the US, UK & JAPAN, We are always proactive and motivated to find the best solutions to providing a return on investment for our clients and prioritizing their requirements. We believe in building and maintaining long term relationships with all our clients


With experience in difference industry (HealthCare, Education, Finance, E-commerce, Retail, Logistic, Cloud & Security). We believe to bring the best value to our client. As well as we’re technology & product oriented company. we endeavor to offer you best solutions in order to acquire your maximum satisfaction

We work to stay well under your budget

Cost overruns are very common in the custom software development industry — however, with the right planning and estimates, you can account for delays and unexpected changes to be factored into the budget. We will work with our client as first step to define a scope of work that will match customer’s initial budget, develop a first release using as little capital as possible, and then use the remainder of the initial budget on product improvements to provide a significant ROI.

Open & Effective Communication

Our people are trained to be frank, open and honest communicators who will provide feedback along the way to achieve the best outcome for your project. With regular communication through many channels, we aim to discover and solve project issues as early as possible and provide TRANSPARENCY and VISIBILITY to the offshore team operations. Agile process are applied for all our project, the team keep daily communicating with client to to ensure any risks or issues will not dramatically change the budget or scope of the project.

Strategy Development

During this meeting we will answer any questions you have about us, and listen to what your requirements and goals are for the project. We will then write a short proposal for your project with an estimated cost for a full detail proposal with specifications.

This involves SME (Subject Matter Expertise) and a Solution Architect in order to get a complete understanding of the project’s requirement, deliverables and goals. A detailed specification is developed in order to ensure you get what you need the first time. This features a description of what the application will do and how it will work, along with a definition of any data that needs to be stored. This is the critical piece of the project, when all of the ‘hard thinking’ is done, and is charged according to time spent. Next, a cost-benefit analysis is carried out to help you prioritise which features should be built-in from the start. Once this is completed, we design all the screens so that you can ‘walk through’ them and see what you are getting before the product actually built. This helps us ensure we have understood exactly what you need before we build it.

To make sure you and your stakeholders are up to speed we can create an interactive prototype. This allows you to follow the on-screen workflows, fine tune the design and get user feedback before build begins.

Using the defined functional and non-functional requirements to create the product backlog we then conduct analysis on each one so that you can be sure you are building efficiently and economically. Our Agile approach means you build your solution incrementally and are kept actively involved every step of the way. Agile Management tools like Trello or Jira are used for source control, work item management and traceability of requirements. We manage and share information with tools like Google Apps for Business and Google project sites. Daily, weekly or two weekly updates are conducted over Skype or Google HangOut. You will always know where you are within a project road map and can make sure that timescales and budgets are adhered to. This approach encourages building an MPV (minimum viable product) in the first instance.

In this stage an application will be deployed onto the client’s environment for end user acceptance testing. We will use bug tracking tools to track all the issues and deploy updated version as per the fixes. Once acceptance is completed we will deploy the application to production environment.

It is crucial that the creation of your software is properly documented so that you have control of your IP and your future. Too often companies are imprisoned by engineering teams who hold the keys to understanding the intricacies of their software system. Careful documentation at build and design stage makes sure that the system can be transferred to another operational team at any time should that become necessary.

During this phase, we provides free support for two months. Additional support options are also available either by monthly fixed price based on time and material. Our Delivery managers will be in touch with you regarding various options.

Led by international leadership team with 20+ years of experience in Digital Services & IT Industry

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