DigiEx AI Consulting & Implementation Services

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a must-have capability and has shown massive potential in improving business efficiency and enhancing customer experience. DigiEx provides AI consulting services from AI strategy to custom-developed Deep learning models that address a specific gap in your technology processes or business operations.

We have over 10 years of practical AI experience in banking, research, and in innovative startups. Let us help you identify ways that AI can make a real difference in your business.

The DigiEx approach to AI development

When it comes to AI, we dont believe in the ‘code first’ approach. Rather we encourage you to invest time with us to walk you through the why of your AI needs and help you have a precise objective for why the AI is needed and what precisely it will do to help your organisation. This approach sets us apart from others who focus on template algorithms and ignore the long term impacts of AI and how it will affect your company specifically.


AI services

We have a portfolio of services ranging from AI strategy to prototyping to full-on AI system development. The following are some of our key services in AI:

  • 1AI Strategy

    This is the foundation of any AI capability, particularly for companies who are onboarding AI for the first time.

  • 2AI Prototyping and rapid testing

    Exploration of AI capability to validate value-add before a large scale investment.

  • 3Solution implementation

    Our experts will design and develop a custom AI solution for your use-case, taking you and your team on a journey of learning and discoveries along the way.

Case Studies

DigiEx has designed and implemented AI solutions in thefollowing industry below

Cyber Security

With fast-evolving cyberattacks and rapid multiplication of devices happening today, AI and machine learning can help to keep abreast with cybercriminals, automate threat detection, and respond more effectively than conventional software-driven or manual techniques.


Artificial intelligence (AI) has been clearly advancing since around 2010 and has applied to the telecommunication market for more than a decade. Besides the fact that telecom infrastructures are vital to society, more and more applications depend on well-functioning, reliable, and always available telecom services.

Design & Marketing

With AI the marketing process becomes simpler and more efficient; from programmatic advertising to advanced natural language processing techniques, information search, short-term big data analytics problem solving, fraud detection, and product and service recommendations based on users' search history.

Financial Services

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in finance encompasses everything from chatbot assistants to fraud detection and task automation. Most banks (80%) are highly aware of the potential benefits presented by AI, according to Insider Intelligence’s AI in Banking report.

We have deep expertise in these industry and continue to add our unique imprint of AI approach on many other companies in these industry and others.

Meet our Chief AI Officer

Dr. Omaru Maruatona is a renowned AI expert having previously developed ML systems for internet banking security and frauddetection in Australia. Dr. Omaru holds a PhD in Applied AI and has over 10 years of hands-on experience as an AI practitioner. Omaru is an active researcher and continues to collaborate with Australian universities and to publish articles in the area of Cybersecurity and AI. In 2021, Dr. Omaru’s AI product was recognised and won an Innovation award in Singapore.

At DigiEx, Dr. Omaru oversees our entire AI program from engineer training to strategy formulation, AI architecture and system implementation for our clients.

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