Why Vietnam is best place to scale your Tech Talent team?

Vietnam is not only becoming a tech-hub in Southeast Asia, but also prospects for becoming the leading global tech hub. By the advantage of a young and Tech-Savvy population: with more than 50% of its people under 35 years old. This demographic is highly tech-savvy and has a strong interest in technology. Vietnam also has a large and growing pool of tech talent, with over 450,000 IT professionals currently working in the country. The country produces over 50,000 IT graduates each year, with a strong emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education, which has led to the growth of the country‘s tech industry.

The reasons why Vietnam is considered a great place for your scaling Tech team:

  • 1Quality of talent:

    Vietnam has a high number of skilled and qualified engineers with degrees from reputable universities, many of whom have experience working in multinational companies.

  • 2Affordability:

    Vietnam's labor costs are lower compared to other countries, making it more affordable to hire engineers and developers without compromising on quality.

  • 3Growing Tech Ecosystem:

    Vietnam has a thriving tech ecosystem, with several startups and tech companies emerging in recent years. This has created a supportive community for tech talent and has helped to drive innovation and growth in the industry.

  • 4English proficiency:

    Many Vietnamese tech professionals are fluent in English, which is essential for effective communication and collaboration with international clients.

  • 5Cultural fit:

    Vietnamese culture places a strong emphasis on hard work, respect, and loyalty, which aligns well with the values of many tech companies. The country also has a growing startup ecosystem, which fosters innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • 6Time zone:

    Vietnam's time zone is convenient for companies in North America and Europe, as there is a significant overlap in working hours. This makes communication and collaboration between teams easier and more efficient.


DigiEx Talent-hub has a good combination of ecosystem, network from strong experience in-house development team, strategic IT Academy partners, certified local Talent engineers, and global Tech expert that provide large talent pool to be enabling global Tech companies to scale & drive their digital transformation initiatives. Get dedicated teams, or comprehensive technology services from the experts in modern solutions that scale.

Why DigiEx Talent-hub?

- Shorter time to setup a team (3-5 days).
- Reduce heavy HR operation task in Vietnam.
- Difference with other Talent-hub Platform, not just provide the right talent but we also providing CTO as a service, Project Management as a service, that make sure your new dedicated team running smoothly, and aligned with all culture & process.

Hire a dedicated development team

A complete, hands-off solution to complex, hands-on problems. DigiEx will consult with you on your specific project needs, then build a dedicated development team to deliver your solution.

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